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  《The seven disciples Chinese Taoism Quanzhen》Officially published-<<全真七子>>正式出版发行..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple established management committee-吉林三清宫道观管理委员会成立..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple hold the first dharma ceremony-吉林市三清宫举办首届水陆法会..
  The 3qing website opened the mobile version and micro letter platform (figure)-三清宫网站开通手机版和微信平台[图]..

  The Taoist scriptures 8..
  “Laozi Big road lead to world” and its note..
  The Inner body sutra of Huangdi [Suwen 55-63]..
  Taishang god said sutra that Turn the spirit ..
  Taishang lingbao-god said sutra that how to e..
  The full text and translation of the sutra of..
  The attitude for die of Zhuangzi..
  “Liao-Fan's Four Lessons”..
  "The analects of Confucius ZiHan 9"annotation..
  Mr. Cai Lixu: happy life, don't learn ceremon..
  What are the main precepts of Taoism..
  Easy records of the real opportunity to Conf..
  "Tiny cottage reading notes" Part of the reco..
  The old man Qianfeng three characters sutra o..
  Lvdongbin question and answer..
  A prescription for purpur by Traditional Chin..
  The face diagnosis of Chinese medicine [figur..
  The body of twelve meridians [picture]..
  Lao-tzu Wisdom:Pay attention to accumulate vi..
  the use of conscious god..
  annotations of Taoist Three refuges..
  Taoist thought “fire” all over the United Sta..
  The commandments of Quanzhen and The law-sect..
  The five mountains is the symbol of Chinese u..
  The origin of Taoism sectarian (4)-Jinjia lin..
  The source of those famous classical poems..
  Louis-Ferdinand Celin-Long night..
  Theism and atheism, all are misnomer-read Mux..
  Prajna BoLuoMiDuo bullshit sutra(d) :“Zen mas..
  To commemorate Mother Teresa of Calcutta[figu..
  Theravada Buddhism answers (about upholding t..
  he Taoist immortals are not the humanitarian ..
  The formation of sarira..
  Unscramble “kind root”..
  Talk about heart power..
  paradise and abyss of misery in Monasticism..
  Taoist cultivation esoteric Fingerprint \Cros..
  Qigong practice how to avoid Possessed by the..
  The Tian Chengyang Taoist priest about return..
  The Tian Chengyang Taoist priest about return..
  Fifty-three times visit by zen zai boy - 善财童子五十三参释[PDF,图]
  《Come on Jesus》,《Prayer》——BY ANTONIANO Small choirs - 《加油耶稣》《祈祷》-Antoniano小合唱团
  Figure twelve meridians - 人体全身经脉示范图
  The English of the 《Tao Te Ching》[pdf format] - 《道德经》英文版[pdf格式]
  complete works of master Ou Yi - 藕益大师全集[rar]
  Buddhist Film:《zen》-Must to meet the Buddha in alive - 佛教电影:《禅》--要在活着的时候见到佛
 Practice your mind when you are busy and exercise in your spare time
 It's uncomfortable to hold your breath
 Growth needs to start the seed deep within the heart
 Don't eat strong pills
 Those who go out always go out by themselves


 Family style..
 The fuyun collection "Cloud" published..
 ree questions of philosophy and religion..
 The shame..
 Death is just a turning point..