The announcement Website reversion 网站改版公告..
  《The seven disciples Chinese Taoism Quanzhen》Officially published-<<全真七子>>正式出版发行..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple established management committee-吉林三清宫道观管理委员会成立..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple hold the first dharma ceremony-吉林市三清宫举办首届水陆法会..
  The 3qing website opened the mobile version and micro letter platform (figure)-三清宫网站开通手机版和微信平台[图]..

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  The precepts of Taoism..
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  The brain is the the warehouse of the conscio..
  The five grade of Taoism monasticism..
  The heart point of The lotus master - 莲师三部曲之莲师心要建言
  Indian traditional medicine master :the cancer is not a disease - 印度传统医学大师《癌症不是病》
  DA CHENG TIAN——The title song of the Documentary - 纪录片《玄奘大师》主题配乐--大乘天
  Music of Taoism 《the love of Taoism》by bai yu chan Taoist priest - 道乐—《道情》白玉蟾道长
  Thirty-three Patriarch of Zen Pictures - 禅宗三十三祖师图
  Pan's Labyrinth-God of the underworld - 潘神的迷宫--冥界之神
 Practice your mind when you are busy and exercise in your spare time
 It's uncomfortable to hold your breath
 Growth needs to start the seed deep within the heart
 Don't eat strong pills
 Those who go out always go out by themselves


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