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  《The seven disciples Chinese Taoism Quanzhen》Officially published-<<全真七子>>正式出版发行..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple established management committee-吉林三清宫道观管理委员会成立..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple hold the first dharma ceremony-吉林市三清宫举办首届水陆法会..
  The 3qing website opened the mobile version and micro letter platform (figure)-三清宫网站开通手机版和微信平台[图]..

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  The film: What Dreams May Come - 飞越来生-生死轮回的演绎《美梦成真》
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  Russian piano: sad angel - 俄罗斯钢琴曲:悲伤的天使
  Tibetan medical thangka of 《The Four Medical Tantras》 - 藏医学的《四部医典》
  [National Geographic] [Asia really style: the dragon in the Wudang] - [国家地理]【亚洲真风貌:龙在武当】
 Practice your mind when you are busy and exercise in your spare time
 It's uncomfortable to hold your breath
 Growth needs to start the seed deep within the heart
 Don't eat strong pills
 Those who go out always go out by themselves


 Find a way that suits you..
 The useless use is helpful..
 Caring is subject to the constraint..
 Genius all don't give up before he degrees t..
 The evolution of the witchcraft..