The announcement Website reversion 网站改版公告..
  《The seven disciples Chinese Taoism Quanzhen》Officially published-<<全真七子>>正式出版发行..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple established management committee-吉林三清宫道观管理委员会成立..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple hold the first dharma ceremony-吉林市三清宫举办首届水陆法会..
  The 3qing website opened the mobile version and micro letter platform (figure)-三清宫网站开通手机版和微信平台[图]..

  《上清大洞真经》序 卷一..
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  Frequently used modesty and polite expression..
  Zhuang zi and his sayings..
  Breathing songs..
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  “Scriptures of Hua Tuo’s medical science” No..
  “With zen explain the book of change”The Ouyi..
  annotation to “ Mystic orbs and the mirror of..
  Look the body health from the spirit of soul..
  The taboo of the keeping in good health in an..
  Sun be the spirit is the soul of preserve one..
  The Morality Massiness people nust be to exte..
  Workers palace of Tonifying the kidney..
  Know three worlds..
  Japan's Taoism..
  The faith to become immortal..
  No knowledge can be tolerated, no conscience ..
  The ignorant are most conceited..
  I've had a very full life..
  The development of the bible and Jesus...
  The real father of the electric- nikola tesla..
  The method of the temple board..
  The ancient monks's poetry in Enlightenment..
  What are the essentials to do homework..
  Women the practitioner Should know..
  Sit-ins practice and live forever[4]..
  incantation and witchcraft..
  For the attention of to provide for master In..
  Leakage flux and the Taoist practice..
  What is time - Confucius said: the flow of in..
  The wisdom of the order..
  The album of The Dharma by MIAO JING MASTER - 妙境长老弘法讲座专辑
  I am not a saint-the Thinking of business theory from Kazuo Inamori - 我不是圣人--稻盛和夫的商道思想
  The album of Regimen and keep good healthy by Qu limin - 曲黎敏养生健身讲座专辑
  Teaching film:《The medical classic of the Yellow Emperor》by Wang hongtu (from one to Eighty) - 王洪图《黄帝内经》教学片(1—80全集)
  The Traditional Chinese Medicine books:《LEI JING》 - 中医典籍《类经》
  The gate of the cloud The source of the Buddha- TO Memorial monk OF FO YUAN in Cloud Gate Temple - 云之门 佛之源---纪念云门寺佛源老和尚
 Practice your mind when you are busy and exercise in your spare time
 It's uncomfortable to hold your breath
 Growth needs to start the seed deep within the heart
 Don't eat strong pills
 Those who go out always go out by themselves


 The monk of begging..
 Drugs are more addictive than nutrition..
 respect is an insurmountable absolute things..
 The stubborn inside the believers mentality..
 syncretism the heart..