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  《The seven disciples Chinese Taoism Quanzhen》Officially published-<<全真七子>>正式出版发行..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple established management committee-吉林三清宫道观管理委员会成立..
  JiLin Sanqing Taoist temple hold the first dharma ceremony-吉林市三清宫举办首届水陆法会..
  The 3qing website opened the mobile version and micro letter platform (figure)-三清宫网站开通手机版和微信平台[图]..

  The Taoist scriptures 6..
  The dragon king sutra..
  incantation sutra of taishang-tao..
  The dragon king sutra..
  "The yellow emperor eighty-one difficult"..
  Shadow in a dream, vol. 2..
  Shadow in a dream, vol. 1..
  The full text and translation of the sutra of..
  Parent child education of the Buddha...
  Guan zi..
  The Heguanzi[2]..
  The Heguanzi[1]..
  The meaning of the laozi inscription..
  Annotation quiet-sutra of Laozi (6-10)..
  The article sets of BaiYuchan..
  Yin and Yang of pathogenic diagnosis..
  Hanning- Diseases are cold..
  Imbalance of Yin and Yang ,All of the disease..
  The blood and pneumato model of human body..
  The true meaning of kowtow..
  Sources and moral for the heavenly stems and..
  Founders of Taoism sanqing(Figure)..
  The religious and theory of Taoism..
  Taoist school: Quanzhen Daoism (Taoism)..
  Forum reprint:The common problem of Taoism(an..
  Instinct  Imitation  Intelligence..
  The Origin of Qingyi ( a major female role in..
  I wish you bad luck..
  India yoga roots..
  Buddhist social circle gossip..
  Theory of arteries and veins, gas and bright ..
  view of arteries and veins, gas and bright po..
  the Realm is Kungfu..
  The meaning of six clean..
  Practice kung fu -- Elders benhuan..
  A brief analysis of the close relationship be..
  The difference of the genuine-man and the fai..
  Talking about the color...
  Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is a family..
  Twenty kinds of Disease gas of the spiritual ..
  The tao-master Zhangzhishun talking about qi body origin - 张至顺道长讲解《炁体源流》
  The song “you raise me up”(Holland’s Got Talent MartinHurkens) - 57岁荷兰好声音冠军《You raise me up》(您鼓舞了我)
  Caixuli's 《Talk about a happy life》 - 蔡礼旭《幸福人生讲座》
  Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism practice - 藏密修法精粹[邱陵,pdf格式]
 Practice your mind when you are busy and exercise in your spare time
 It's uncomfortable to hold your breath
 Growth needs to start the seed deep within the heart
 Don't eat strong pills
 Those who go out always go out by themselves


 The master Zhang yuan and his past..
 Why denigrate Chinese medicine?..
 Poverty and wealth..
 hundred medicine has a spirit of filial piety..