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Home page>> Guide and reading of all Articles>>Main points of practice(修学指要)
  The difference of True and false heart
  Buddhist precepts
  Suitable for the Praise
  Buddhism supports ritual
  simple method of Buddhist lessons in the morning and evening
  Master Yinguang's letter to xuzhi
  The 30 warning counsel to the yogi
  The tao thriving in good health
  Ramadan of buddha
  Master Xing Yun:Human consciousness is what looks like
  The Buddha’s disclosure on irrationally collecting alms
  monachal condition
  Responsibility of each truth for the four noble truths
  Temper how different peronalities
  Ten would mistake in practice
  Master: distant care,deep love
  When not free to learn buddhism at once,there will never be empty.
  Compassion cause disaster, convenient wisdom will fall? 
  Base before enter the Tao -- The householder's behavior specification to learn the Buddha (2)
  Base before enter the Tao -- The householder's behavior specification to learn the Buddha (1)
  Watch your renunciation from the details
  Outside are no wrong, stay and have are two negligence
  The Jingjie Buddhist Master:The Avenue way to the repentance.
  A dissent about The monk and Be in Achievement of difficulty At the end of the law
  Talk about the problem, not the other person
  how mang years does success need?
  Nature and destiny
  all kinds of dreams in Buddhist scriptures
  The seven kind of giving and Thirty-eight of the most auspicious.
  On the view of birthlessness repentance
  A analysis to The monk and Quit
  Master Ouyi : ten things cannot pray in front of the Buddha
  The four mindfulness is the hope of the Chinese buddhist
  Keep shut up in the crowd , alone keep heart
  Perfect body of Buddhism
  A rare practicer: Master yibo
  Have a master in, is a kind of happiness
  Buddha's enlightenment process
  There are three things is better than the heavens
  Attract ghosts and gods envy them when people show themselves
  How do you know your own karma weigh?
  Lust at the time of activity, coagulation in the divine!
  Bad habits such as dirty water
  To give lectures &Cultivation of moral will be great man.
  How to practice?
  Learn the Buddha have five sign of progress
  Also Still care about your legs?
  Mater Yingguang'sspeech about to practice appeared state
  How to effective Buddha
  monk's nostrils no opening
  prosperity is Difficult to learn Monasticism - zhengyan master
  The premise of practice -talk by MR. GENG YUN
  the news of A practitioner - letters between hengshi master and hengchao master from may to july 19
  Social, but also a practice -by The Shaolin Temple Abbot
  The pain from the heart of evil
  The Buddha's ten common problems
  the Realm of Bao feng Zen master
  is it really difficult to read that The Buddhist classics ?
  talk about the Problems when someone practice Buddhism and Through birth
  So I endured life – Master Xing Yun(recommendation)
  Buddhist should have the practise attitude in the life
  The Buddhist view of wealth-Master Ji Qun
  The construction of Buddhist new model relationship of teacher and pupil in the new century -Master
  Modernization of Buddhism-Master Xing Yun
[佛教现代化----星云法师 讲]
  A written record of lectures from Master Xuan Hua- abstracted article 101
  Buddhism≠psychical opioids
  Speech of before Master Tan Xu becoming a monk
  Master Sheng Yan:What is called the fast or slow?
  Study Buddhism from beginning ordained-Master Ci Zhou
  Prerequisite of practise meditation-Master Xu Yu
  Buddhist doctrine and repaying kindness-Master Jing Hui discovery
  Practise meditation seat- Master Jing Hui
  Four main points of practising buddhism or taoism life - Master Jing Hui
  Master Miao Jing: Progression of studying Buddhist doctrine
  Though the common monk can’t give the fortune, culturing fortune need respect the common monk
  Tao,is in your heart-Master Hui Lv
  Four brahmavihara(the way to awaken-42)
  Idea of Bodhisattva (the way to awaken-40)
  Buddhist main characteristic (the way to awaken-16)
  Completist and the heart of leaving the world: no inflexible,no anguish
[完美主义者与出离心:不执著 不痛苦]
  Karma、willing power and contribution
  Willing power and desire-Master Jing Kong to give an account
  Confession is the first convenience of into the road(b)-Master Da Ji
  Confession is the first convenience of into the road(a)-Master Da Ji
  Guard against angry
  Desire and out of desire-Master Yin Shun
  Buddhist term: The meaning of knot and its synonym of trouble
  Six reasons produce worry
  Filial piety toward parents in pure karma three happiness-Master Ding Yuan
  Diligently practise good fortune and intelligent
  Practise “Great anapana keep idea Sutra ” lectured by Nan Huaijin
  Simple living ten thought regulation lectured by Master Jing Kong
  The purpose of meditation——excerpt “The energy of wisdom”
  Study on the true pulse of Zen——Huaijin Nan
  Why meet adversity will turn back the heart after studying Buddhism many years?——Master Da Ji
  The meaning of start Bodhi heart and practised method
  What are the essentials of homework?
  Buddhist important treatment——Daan Feng
  Settled and wise road——talked by Master Zhi Guan
  What is “eight Moksha”
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